Work Skills Development Programs

CORSE collaborates with various organizations to support volunteer training and work internship models.   Currently CORSE collaborates with:


Scituate Public School iExcel Program


CORSE provides stipend funding for our more intensive students working across Scituate town departments in vocational training.  In addition to gaining job skills, they are receiving stipends to learn money management skills. 


Scituate Recreation Department


Volunteer Training Program: Ages 15+ This collaboration with Scituate Recreation provides a mandatory training program for ALL camp volunteers (those with and without special needs) as well as a volunteer director who will serve as a shadow facilitator during the camps to assist with teaching, guiding and feedback on volunteer responsibilities, especially for those students with special needs requiring extra support. 


Summer Internships:  A formal paid internship program has been created with Scituate Recreation for students with special needs who have successfully mastered the volunteer program criteria.  This internship incorporates weekly observation and training by a job coach. 

Community Internships Program

Summer Internships:  A collaborative formal paid internship program has been created with various organizations and businesses for students with special needs.  Based on placement, the internship involves administrative or support functions that require some facilitative supervision but also provides a meaningful work experience for the student.  This internship incorporates weekly observation and training by a job coach. 


All programs are criteria-based and by invitation only. 


For 2019-20, these particular programs have been generously supported by grant funding received from the Grace E. Brooks Trust, Evan Henry Foundation, Edwin Phillips Foundation, South Shore Playhouse Associates,  Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation as well as our community fundraising supporters.

A directed grant has also been received by the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism for these programs that promote adult independence. 







We also thank the Scituate Education Foundation for contributing $500 toward this initiative


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