Scituate High School Best Buddies

Scituate High School Best Buddies 2019-20

Each Month There will be One IN-school AND One AFTER-school Meeting


Informational Kick-off Meeting:  Thursday, September 26, 3:00pm  Cafeteria

REGISTRATION BEGINS Thursday, September 26    

Maximum Registrations = 100  

Purpose of Program:

The Scituate High School chapter of Best Buddies International enhances a caring and compassionate school community that practices inclusion, involvement, peer assistance and acceptance of differences.  Interested students will apply for the program below through an online parent registration.  Members will attend training programs and in-school activities throughout the year plus additional field trips and activities after school. Trainings will provide members with sufficient knowledge and skills to enable them to serve as peer supports for students with disabilities, while all students get to enjoy activities and outings in an inclusive, accepting and relaxed social atmosphere. 


Members will play an important role in the student community at SHS. The peer mentor can facilitate by providing social connections, easing anxieties and role modeling a culture of inclusion and support.   With this responsibility and beneficial impact comes an important commitment of time and dedication. Selected peer mentors are expected to commit to the training sessions as well as the planned activities.


We will offer activities periodically each month IN-school on Tuesdays and AFTER-school on Thursdays at 3:00pm with end time based on event.


Goals of Program:

  • To enhance the participation of all students as peer mentors, friends and/or good citizens

  • To promote and build self-confidence and self-esteem

  • To broaden the range of experiences for students to interact

  • To provide students the opportunity to interact and develop relationships with school community peers

Characteristics of a Good Peer Mentor:

  • Patient

  • Enthusiastic

  • Flexible

  • Caring

  • Responsible

  • Consistent

  • Open-mindedness and an attitude of acceptance and tolerance of individual differences

  • Able to commit to all trainings and selected activities: 

ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Attendance is expected and evaluated each term for continued participation.  We are offering both IN and AFTER-school opportunities to accommodate ALL student schedules.   If you play a sport or are a member of another club, please discuss your monthly Best Buddies after-school sessions with your coach or advisor in advance.  All Best Buddies registrants will be required to attend AT LEASE 1 activity first quarter and 2 in and/or after-school activities the following 3 quarters.  Attendance will be taken; it is the student's responsibility to sign in.  Attendance sheets will be sent to the Guidance Office to confirm active participation in this program.


Peer Mentor Role Description:

  • Learn mentoring concepts, social thinking and interactive techniques

  • Foster an environment of patience, tolerance and encouragement

  • Promote tolerance and understanding among grade-level peers

  • Model expected behaviors for students

  • Become a friend and enjoy activities with others

Application Process:



Scituate C.O.R.S.E. Foundation       |  P.O. Box 512, North Scituate, MA 02060    |     781-545-7736     |