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Gates Best Buddies

Best Buddies provides strong peer mentor and social thinking training opportunities and social activities for ALL students to participate!


After-school Tuesdays or Thursdays 2:30-3:15: February 4/9, March 9/11, April 8/13, May 6/11 based on student cohort assignment. Attendance is expected and evaluated for continued participation. 


REGISTRATION FULL; Email to be placed on waitlist.  


    Maximum Students = 25 per class

  • Due to SPS COVID guidelines, Best Buddies class size is limited.  This year we are ONLY registering via email to assure equitable enrollment via email time stamps.

  • Please email with the following mandatory student information:  


     Parent Name and Cell

     Student Name

     Student School     

     Student Grade 

     Student Cohort or Full Day (if Gates student)

     IEP/504/DCAP or None


  • This information must be provided for each child you are registering. There is a MAXIMUM OF 3 CHILDREN PER EMAIL allowed.  If you have more than 3 children, please send a second email to assure equitable enrollment.  

  • Once CORSE receives your email, you will receive a follow-up email with the registration link to fully enroll your child OR notification that you have been placed on the wait list.  If you receive the link, you have 3 days to enroll your child.  If CORSE does not receive this registration within that time, your child's slot will be filled with a wait-listed student.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, students MUST sign up for the Gates cohort they have been assigned. For Cohort A, monthly meeting will be on Tuesdays; for Cohort B, monthly meeting will be on Thursdays. Students who are approved as FULL DAY due to an IEP/504 accommodation will be assigned a Cohort day.  

Best Buddies MUST follow SPS COVID guidelines and restrictions with lower maximum enrollments and assigned seating.  All activities will remain on-site and students must have the abilities to understand and follow directions and independently wear a mask for the duration of the program. 


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