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In addition to community programming, CORSE has successfully operationalized music therapy through the South Shore Conservatory (SSC) to serve our children with special needs in Scituate Public School’s pre-school Early Childhood Center (ECC) through grade twelve in our Primary, Intermediate and Gates Middle School Learning Centers (PLC/ILC/GLC) as well as our High School Vocational Life Skills Program.  


The Learning Centers are substantially separate elementary classrooms serving our intensive special needs population.  The primary goal for music therapy is to provide children with an opportunity to explore, experiment and engage in ways to express themselves through different forms of communication (singing, instruments, movement).  Songs and activities are correlated with classroom curriculum themes, providing children with the opportunity to build language, thinking and social skills through the music program.


For these same student populations in the Early Childhood Center through grade eight, we have operationalized Yoga for the Special Child which is designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, balance the nervous system, increase breathing efficiency, improve body awareness, improve communication skills, and increase each student’s ability to self-regulate.   We have also funded a Middle School Band Consultant who is the Percussion Chair for SSC with expertise working with students with special needs and has developed many innovative techniques to help ALL students achieve success as musicians.  In 2016, CORSE was presented with the Community Partnership Award from South Shore Conservatory for our ten year collaboration to bring the arts and therapies to children with special needs.  

Music Therapy Programs also specially funded by:              

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