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CORSE has designed an innovative Best Buddies model that provides integrated group social activities with social thinking and inclusion training for all as well as peer mentor programs to enhance our own social and recreation programming. 

  • High School Best Buddies (click here for info)

  • Gates Best Buddies (click here for info)

  • Elementary Best Buddies Grades K-2  (click here for info)

  • Elementary Best Buddies Grades 3-5 (click here for info)

  • CORSE has also designed customized peer mentor opportunities particularly for our after-school and summer social skills programs.  This is a model that mentors older grade-level students to assist with these programs in working with the students to reinforce and model the social skills taught in that curriculum.

  • Customized peer mentor training (every summer) and the student training manual are also provided for our recreation programs to assure the counselors and volunteers have the necessary training and support to effectively assist the students in the programs.

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